We’d like to thank you here and now, for taking a gander at these pictures of the farms and scenery from the ever inspiring Skagit Valley.

These are all recent photographs selected, and presented by the regionally notorious Miss Utah Red.

Though I may have actually snapped the photos with an off the shelf Nikon B500, it’s been a matter of luck that I’ve been able to be at the right place at the right time, so many times. You see, I travel across the valley about four times a week so as to visit my 95 year old mother in Anacortes. Over the last four years, that’s a lot of trips.

The Valley is magnificent. The farms are miraculous and the Valley people are some of the finest, in the west. From Conway, through Rexville, past La Conner and stretching north to the Edison and Chuckanut drive, the view is always changing. And some days the light is just perfect.


Sky Russell